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Maximize the comfort and functionality of your outdoor living space year round. The louvers move at your command for full sun, filtered shade, or solid rain protection. The louvers also respond automatically to the weather conditions, allowing you to bring your living space outdoors. 

Engineered for Unparalleled Control

The Louvered Roof System is manufactured with quality elements, precision engineering, and aesthetic options to fulfill your dreams of the ultimate outdoor space. The strong louvered system conforms to nearly all wind and storm requirements, including stringent Miami-Dade protocols. 

Louver Room System | Big Sky Room | Double Wall Louver

The Strongest Louver System in the Market 

Colors and Finishes

LOUVER STANDARD COLOR OPTIONS Available in white, sandstone, and clay.


Available in white, sandstone, clay, bronze, and black.


Virtually any material and finish can be applied to achieve your desired look and feel.

Louver Standard Color Options

Louver Standard Color Options | Big Sky Room

Frame Standard Color Options

colors pergola.jpg

Columns and Beams

Customized columns and beams provide options that complement your home's style. Round, tapered, square, and fluted are just a few possibilities.

Louver Beam Options | Louver Beams | Big Sky Room

Linear Motor

This top mount motor runs quiet and smooth and responds to integrated technology systems.

Remote Control

With the touch of a button, a convenient remote control easily rotates the patio system louvers from fully opened to a solid roof in a matter of moments. While enjoying the days outside, you can adjust the louvers to protect your eyes and skin when the sun is at its full height. 

Built In Gutters

One of the ingenious features of the Louvered Roof System is its built-in-gutter system. At installation, the louvered roof is precisely angled to ensure that rainwater flows into the gutters along the perimeter of the system. When coupled with downspouts, the water flows down and away from the structure, keeping all under the roof dry and comfortable.

Big Sky Room | Lauver Linear Motor

Linear Motor


Louver Diagram | Big Sky Room | Louver Side Gutter
Big Sky Room | Louver Roof Options | Built in Gutter
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