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Big Sky Room | Folding Glass Walls | Patio | Terrace

Enjoy your Big Sky Room all year long with Folding Glass Walls . Spend time outdoors in comfort with this elegant and functional system under your Louvered Pergola. Get protection from wind, rain, UV rays and pests with retractable glass that’s easy to use, low maintenance and beautiful!

Engineered for Elegance and Style

Our folding glass walls consists of two horizontal aluminum profiles attached to the terrace roof and floor. Toughened glass panes are attached to the profiles through separate mechanisms allowing the panes to slide and to turn.

The panes are 8, 10 or 12-mm toughened glass. 

The first pane is opened by unlocking the handle and it can also be locked in the ventilation position. The other panes can be moved by sliding and turning. When the panes are turned, their hinges lock to the chamfers in the profiles.

Folding Glass Wall - Open

Folding Glass Wall - Open

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 Types of Toughened Glass:

Clear Glass Panes:

8 mm Clear

10 mm Clear

12 mm Clear

Translucent Obscure Glass Panes:

8 mm Satinato

Stained Glass Panes:

8 mm Green

8 mm Grey

8 mm Bronze

Big Sky Room | Folding Glass Walls | Glass Pane Color Options
Big Sky Room | Folding Glass Walls | Translucent Obscure Glass Panes